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Today’s homes have a greater chance of problems caused by moisture and other indoor pollutants. The building material and items that we furnish our homes with are the source of many indoor air quality problems. The glues and resins used to make the carpeting, flooring materials, drywall and paints can off‐gas many chemicals into our homes indoor environment.

These types of chemicals are referred to as VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are organic chemicals which cause large numbers of molecules to evaporate or sublimate and enter  the surrounding air. VOCs are also released into the air from the use of household products and materials containing VOCs. Paints, hair sprays and cleaning product are a common contributor to this indoor air pollution.

Current energy efficiency standard and building methods have made homes much tighter.  Tighter homes trap these pollutants inside. Moisture from our daily activities –cooking, showers and laundry can also be a problem. Excessive moisture can lead to property damage and mold growth. Window panes and walls can be damaged from condensate forming on the colder surfaces. 

Ventilation through the use of “Heat Recovery Ventilators” and “Ventilation Controls” are an economical solution. Fresh drier outside air is brought into the home in a controlled manner and inside air is exhausted outside. Ventilation is controlled minimizing the cost of reheating cold outside air during the winter months. Ventilation controls will also prevent extreme hot humid air from entering the home during the summer. 

Another way to help with your energy bill is by installing an attic fan or two depending on how large your attic is. The sun beating on your roof shingles can raise the indoor temperature significantly. An attic fan exhausts the hot air from the attic outside making the inside of your home more comfortable.

Please contact your Gundlach Representative to help select the best solution for your situation.

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